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March 17, 2020 3 min read

Whether your skincare routine comprises of several products, steps and layers, or probably you’re the wash-and-go type, you have most likely heard about astringent. Astringents received a bad reputation and, in many cases, with good reason. Many astringent toners from the 1990s contained a high percentage of ethanol (alcohol), which was dangerously harsh on the skin. Currently, we have more options with regard to toners, in addition to natural plant-based options, such as white hazel. Witch hazel, a natural toning ingredient, has dominated the wave of clean beauty and is now popular again in the beauty community.

So what exactly is white hazel? What benefit does it play as an astringent? Why should you make it part of your routine? Let’s find out

Technically known as Hamamelis virginiana, Witch hazel is a plant whose medicinal content is derived from the bark, twigs and leaves of the plant. This botanically-based ingredient has for ages been used worldwide as an effective traditional remedy for a wide range of problems such as bruises, insect’s stings and numerous forms of skin irritation. As an astringent, not only does it removes the dirt, oil and debris left by your cleanser, Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes it a useful addition to your skin routine. Here is why using Witch Hazel is a win-win for your skin.

Fights Acne

Regardless of our age, acne can be a problem, and witch hazel is one of the best cures. This natural astringent can help control it, reducing inflammation and reducing oil and redness. It can reduce the growth of bacteria on the skin and, at the same time, speed up the healing of scars, scabs and infection. If you have oily skin, it helps to balance the skin's pH level and moisturize it with the absence of a greasy skin feeling.

Another advantage of witch hazel for acne-prone skin is that it lessens the appearance of pores, stops excess oil production, and thus stops the growth of whiteheads and blackheads that contribute to those annoying breakouts.

Nourish Dry Skin

You might probably think if witch hazel fights acne and oily skin, applying it to dry skin is a bad idea, but the result is exactly the opposite. It removes the unwanted stuff such as excess oil and impurities and nourishes the skin with healthy moisturizing properties that prevent it from drying out. While white hazel removes oils from skin, it does not dry out like other astringents.

Minimize Damage from Sun Exposure and Fight Signs of Aging

Too much exposure of the skin to the sun stimulates premature aging, and other signs such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity including discoloration, dryness and redness.  If you want to delay these signs, witch hazel is one of the best things to resort to.  Rich in antioxidants such as tannins and polyphenols, witch hazel helps to protect and shields the skin from UV ray-induced damages like cancer and melanoma, thereby preventing the visible signs of aging.

It Soothes, Treat Eczema and Refreshes Your Face

The anti-inflammatory properties of this excellent extract soothe the skin to keep it healthy. Not only does it helps to stop itchy bumps if you are suffering from eczema, but improves symptoms like redness and scarring. In the feeling of tiredness or stress, white hazel also helps to refresh the face and give an invigorating feeling when you add it to your spray bottle.

 Bitch Hazel: Tea Infused Witch Hazel Face Cleansing Tonic

Combining the powerful wonder of natural witch hazel with Tea, we created a Face Tonic formula that cleanses the skin, nourishes and leaves it smooth and bright. Made up of four ingredients; Hamamelis Virginiana (With Hazel) Leaf Extract, Water, Alcohol, Eucalyptus smithii (Tea), Bitch Hazel is your perfect choice for the flawless and confident skin you’ve been searching for.

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